The AMetA Volunteers Group has been active in weather-related projects in the areas of Citizen Science and Social History.

Historical Weather Data Recovery

Some of the many volunteers involved in historical weather data recovery are shown above at a ceremony held in 2016, at which the SA Regional Director (John Nairn), BOM, presented an Australia Day Award to Mac Benoy, Team Leader of the Volunteer Group.
Mac Benoy receiving an
Australia Day Award

Social History Unit

The Social History Unit has published a number of publications:

Getting involved

Members (and others) may be interested in becoming citizen scientists and helping the Climate History Australia Team at the Australian National University to digitise Adelaide’s climate history from 1843-1856. For more information, follow the link above or see page 7 of the October 2020 AMetA Newsletter. NOTE, however, that this project was completed successfully, but we will keep you advised of similar future projects.