About Us

AMetA (the Australian Meteorological Association Inc) was established in 1969 under the direction of John ‘Doc’ Hogan, the then South Australian Regional Director of the Bureau of Meteorology. One of its primary purposes has been to open up communication between the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) and people in the community who either use weather services or have an interest in meteorology.

A Personal Weather Station ( PWS ) Interest Group has recently been started for members who wish to share with other members their interests in personal weather stations (uses, technology, etc).


Link to our Rules (aka Constitution). You can learn the difference between the Constitution and the Rules for an Incorporated Association (in South Australia at least) at this Link.

About Meetings

Traditionally we have held meetings on the third Tuesday evening of each “even-numbered” month (except December). The starting time of meetings has varied from time to time. At present the meetings run from 7pm to about 8:30pm.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, we have been meeting at St Saviour’s Anglican Church hall, 596 Portrush Road, Glen Osmond. However, please note that we are investigating more-affordable alternatives.

How to become a Member

Welcome! Simply send us an email with your name and email address.

Subscriptions are currently $20 per year, due each August. Some options for payment are listed below.

Meanwhile, you can sample some past issues of our newsletters here, which will give you some idea of what AMetA is all about.

How to pay Subscriptions

  • It has always been possible to pay subs by cash to our Treasurer (or deputy) at our physical Meetings, although fewer people are using cash these days!
  • You can use Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to the following AMetA bank account:
    • BSB          105-900
    • Account   952 826 740
    • Tag        <Your name> + “Subs”
    • Please also send an email to Treasurer@ameta.org.au to help him/her link your membership to this payment. New members should add contact information such as:
      • preferred name
      • preferred email address for notices, newsletters, etc
      • phone number (optional)
  • We can also accept Credit Cards (Tap-and-Go) – see our Treasurer (or deputy) at Meetings.