Members Area

WELCOME to the AMetA Members meeting area. This area is divided into three sub-areas:

  • 1: A general area for Members (where you are now!). This area gives access to recent editions of the AMetA Monana Newsletters (newsletters which have been produced in various forms since 1969) and of our new series of newsletters which are intended mainly for members with an interest in personal weather stations (PWS). See the relevant newsletter archives on the Member Resources page. That page will also provide links to various documents which will probably be of interest to weather people like us.
  • 2: An area for members of the newly-formed Personal Weather Station (PWS) Group, which might be a bit technical for some, but why not have a look? This area will probably be password-protected later on.
  • 3: An area for Committee Members. This area is password-protected to protect the privacy of members.

Sites which may be of Interest?

Try this LINK for an very interesting look at the History of Meteorology. There should be enough in this to entertain you for the duration of the COVID-19 lockdown at least!

Another site, which will be of great interest to members, is run by theWeather Club, which is part of the Royal Meteorological Society (UK). You might like to sign up to get full advantage from it?

AMetA Committee

The makeup of the current AMetA Committee is given below:

AMetA Committee 2022

A virtual Committee Room is reserved for Committee Members, and is accessible to them by password: