PWS Area

This area is set aside for Personal Weather Station Members.

Opening of new WestTerrace
Bureau of Meteorology station

The first edition of a series of Monana Newsletters dedicated to PWS matters was published in May 2020. It was emailed to people who had expressed an interest in becoming PWS Members and to others who we thought would probably be interested. If you are reading this and might be interested in PWS, you should ask to be added to the newsletter distribution list in an email addressed to

Four editions of the PWS Newsletters have been published so far, and they can be accessed from the PWS Archive on the Member Resources page.

These PWS Newsletters include some tutorial-style articles, written by Mark Little, which are intended to provide background information for projects that members might get involved with when we emerge from hibernation. Some might be a bit challenging at first. Prospective PWS members will not be expected to master them all, but are encouraged to at least skim through them.

The Leader of the PWS Interest Group (Mark Little, AMetA President) had intended to talk to an inaugural PWS Meeting in March, but COVID-19 put a stop to all that! You can read a copy of his intended talk at this LINK.

Please note: This PWS Area will eventually be password protected, to restrict entry to financial AMetA/PWS members. This could happen at about the end of the year, assuming that COVID-19 goes away soon.