Floods in South Australia: 1836 to 2005 chronicles flood that were reported between 1836 and 2005. Well over a million pages of newspaper reports were surveyed by a team of 90 researchers.  Five experienced researchers analysed this material and wrote a synopsis of each flood event. The resulting book has proved popular with historians, engineers, educators, realtors and others. Weather Prophets of South Australia was South Australia's contribution to the celebration of the centenary of the Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology. The book tells the story of meteorology in South Australia through the eyes of some fifty present and former employees of the Bureau. The more than 100 hours of interviews, and several thousand pages of transcripts, are now part of the oral history collection of the State Library of South Australia. South Australia's Extreme Weather: Its Human Impact recounts sixteen extreme weather events in the State. Heat waves, floods, droughts, tornadoes, snow, rain and hail are all in the book. So too are the human stories, some never told before. Each weather event is re-examined by meteorologists in the South Australian office. Using today's knowledge, the results are sometimes surprising, always interesting and lead us to reassess past history. Please note that this book is available as an eBook at various online outlets. Weather and the Science of Settlement recounts how weather influenced almost everything that the first European settlers in South Australia did. This book tells some of their stories and shows how the weather affected their lives. It was the scientific age, a time of great social change in Britain and of economic development. Settlers wanted the colony to reflect the new ideas, not replicate the old order. Available as an eBook READ A SUMMARY HERE