Welcome to the AMETA Photo Gallery. Weather-related e-photo contributions are invited - email them to webmaster@ameta.org.au. The “prize” for submitting the most impressive recent e-photo could see it being used in the banner at the top of each page of this website. We are seeking contributions in the following categories: 1. illustrating meteorological phenomena 2. show the impact of weather on people 3. happy snaps featuring weather during overseas trips 4. Last year (2018) we particularly invited photos of clouds. We planned to have cloud identification as the theme of an AMetA Meeting later in the year, and Beth Walton, AMetA President, conducted a Cloud ID session at the August 2018 AMetA Meeting. Use the gallery’s drop-down menu to navigate to the various theme pages. For some interesting photos of the sky in its many moods as well as for photos in several other categories and for some hints on photography in general, you might like to visit the following website which is sponsored by Canon: http://canon.com.au/ Navigate via Personal > Support & Help > Competitions > Light Awards > Gallery  to view photos. You can also view a number of short tutorials on aspects of photography, but to see them you will need to sign up on the Canon site. This site conducts monthly competitions for photos in various categories.
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