As discussed on the Projects page, a team of AMetA volunteers has been extracting historical weather information from the Todd Folios, in digital form, to contribute an international effort to regenerate worldwide weather patterns covering the past 175 years. The Todd website can be found at while the Todd Folios can be accessed directly at (this link no longer seems to work, but with patience you should be able to access them!) Anyone interested in Citizen Science, who has a fascination for the days of sail, and who loves a challenge might like to participate in the Weather Detective project (unfortunately this project appears to have finished!). This project was complementary to the AMetA’s Todd project in many respects. Be warned - it was fun, and it could become quite addictive!  For more background try NOTE: this activity was still continuing on 9 August 2017, but not on 18 April 2020. As mentioned in the October 2016 Newsletter, the following link gives a fascinating visualisation of the output from a global weather model. Click on the word “EARTH” to change some aspects of the visualisation. Bureau of Meteorology has launched its heatwave service for summer 2017/18, which can be accessed via the following link Attention would-be weather observers: you might be interested in the following link, which gives you access to upper-air sounding data around the world. (Thanks to Mark Little, AMetA President.)