The Australian Meteorological Association, AMETA  Inc, is a not-for-profit organisation, established in 1969 to foster interest in, and advance the knowledge of, meteorology and related sciences.  Membership is open to anyone with an interest in meteorology or oceanography  and related disciplines. Regular meetings are held to inform members and promote community understanding of meteorological and related science and services. We welcome any ideas that members or any other interested people might have on what should be included on this site - email your suggestions to HINT: You may need to click twice to change tabs if you are using an iPad. April 2018 At the recent April 2019 AMetA meeting, Hilary Wilson, Meteorologist, State Forecasting Centre, BOM, spoke on various aspects of the life and career of a BOM meteorologist. A report on this talk will be given in the June Newsletter. The talk’s advertised title was “What is tomorrow’s weather?” It’s a simple question answered by a short and uncomplicated reply. But the person responsible for that answer works with sophisticated and complex science. Vast amounts of data are processed by some of the world’s most powerful computers. Software models are used by meteorologists to visualise the complexity of the weather and determine what it will be doing over the coming week. It's then the job of the meteorologist to bridge the divide between this world of science and the day to day needs of the public. To be a meteorologist requires a university degree in science, but it also requires training in media communications because meteorologists are unique among scientists - their forecasts daily influence the lives of all their fellow citizens. Hilary Wilson is a young meteorologist working in the SA State Forecasting Centre at the Bureau of Meteorology. In her presentation, she will describe her pathway into her profession and outline a typical day at the office. Hilary says meteorology is an evolving profession that not only meets the needs of the general public, but also assists a variety of clients working in agriculture, aviation, transport, the emergency services and many other important sectors of our economy.