A demonstration of how to setup a home Automatic Weather Station was made at Waite Campus on 20th August 2015 during SCIENCE WEEK. Some members had already become interested in personal weather stations following Mark Seaborn’s earlier talk to the April 2015 AMETA meeting. Mark detailed his own experiences choosing and setting up a low-cost automatic weather station (AWS) at his home and then uploading the observed data to the Bureau of Meteorology Weather-Observations-Website (WOW). WOW is a collaborative project with the UK Met Office (http://bom- wow.metoffice.gov.uk/). See the AMETA June 2015 newsletter for an overview of a similar talk that Mark gave at the April AMETA Meeting. In both talks, Mark provided handouts describing the procedures involved in setting up a personal AWS and publishing the observed weather data to the web. Copies are provided here for the Getting Started Guide and the WoW Cumulus Guide. Please note that, while these guides relate to the particular low-cost AWS that Mark had purchased, they should be relevant to many other systems - no endorsement of any particular AWS is intended. At the April 2018 AMetA Meeting, Mark Little gave another weather-station presentation which was summarised in some detail in the June 2018 AMetA Newsletter. Please note that one of the initiatives planned as part of AMetA’s 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2019 was the creation of a personal weather station “special interest group” - with all welcome. This was launched early in 2020, and AMetA members will be kept up to date with special PWS editions of the Monana newsletters (issued each odd- numbered month, start with a March 2020 edition). Naturally, face to face meetings are on hold owing to COVID-19.                                       * * * * * * * * You might like to go to the links page for some other ideas on how you could get involved. * * * * * * * * Why not attend the next AMETA regular meeting (see homepage for more details) ?                                      * * * * * * * *