The Australian Meteorological Association, AMETA  Inc, is a not-for-profit organisation, established in 1969 to foster interest in, and advance the knowledge of, meteorology and related sciences.  Membership is open to anyone with an interest in meteorology or oceanography  and related disciplines. Regular meetings are held to inform members and promote community understanding of meteorological and related science and services. We welcome any ideas that members or any other interested people might have on what should be included on this site - email your suggestions to The recent 15th October 2019 AMetA Meeting was held in the usual BOM Meeting Room, commencing with the 2019 Annual General Meeting. All committee positions were filled, although no voting was required for any positions. Mark Little was welcomed as our new President, with Beth Walton now vice- President after a decade as President. John Braendler is taking a well earned rest from his greatly appreciated stint as Treasurer and will be replaced by Liam Smart. Darren Ray will continue his role as our Secretary. Ordinary members of the new committee include Mac Benoy, John Braendler, Bruce Davis, Jon Lethbridge, Warwick Grace and David Brown. Please Note: Annual Subscriptions for 2019-20 are now due. Payment options are given on the “About Us” page Darren Ray commenced the “formal” presentations with his usual interesting assessment of the weather outlook for the next few months. He included a number of tips on how to make use of some new features available on the BOM website. Beth Walton then spoke about Meteorology & Aviation. Beth’s long career in relevant divisions of the bureau meant that she was able to talk to this subject from personal experience, while spicing it up with historical background. A fuller account of the talk will be given in the next newsletter. On Tuesday 26th November, the 2019 AMetA Annual Dinner was held in the Crystal Room at the Benjamin on Franklin Hotel, Franklin St, Adelaide. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of AMetA Life Membership to Beth, our retiring President, after many years of service to the association. The presentation was made by our newly elected President, Mark Little.